Taiwo Ajayi Internship Experience: Everything is practice.

My engagement with How Do You Tech started with my Internship as it is required as a 300L Computer Science student at my university to take up:

Practical work experience, skills and adapt to the job market for 24-weeks.

I learnt, established and grew my practical skills, got more knowledge of the company and workplace experience. Being able to catch up with weekly tasks, responsibilities, and explore the kind of role I want in tech.

It was amazing.

However, I was not ready to face the working experience but overcame my fears when I started working as an intern.

I got interviewed and accepted to HowDoYouTech which runs Uwani Hub as a CSR. 

Firstly, knowing the directory of the organisation and how the company works was what i got introduced to. Started minor tasks such as being able to create a blog articles and took online courses during my first 2-weeks of internship.

During my internship, I was able to meet Mary who is the owner of How Do You Tech. Through her, I have been able to establish an understanding on customer service, leadership and how she prompts me to raise and challenge myself to try new things.

I gained more knowledge about WordPress from Yoast Academy and built up my WordPress blog, it was thrilling. My blog.

I had the opportunity to make time off work into content writing, improve my coding skills online and spent my skills on online platforms like:

Freecodecamp, SkillCrush, FutureLearn in learning codes, responsive web design, creating projects, carrying out research and analysis.

As well as completing weekly tasks/assignments before the deadline. This enabled me to acquire time management.

I also acquired the new skill to build my resume during my internship. Moreover, having to place details like work experience and other background summary was great. I intend to make updates on my resume as I journey later in the working sector. My Resume.

My internship paved the way for me to give my best shot in doing what I am really good at and taking it seriously.

A better understanding of managing work assignments, performing clerical duties, prioritizing responsibilities, where to improve and reflect on my work process for the next week day ahead.

Experiencing new things helped me approach problems more easier and how best I could contribute to How Do You Tech

I improved on problem-solving skills, content writing and being accountable. Self challenge was a boost to my experience, It was a great working experience to develop myself.

Final Thoughts.

The internship taught me to work hard, make decisions and do things with little guidance, (Independent I would say).

Making connections with people I can make reference with in the future and a sense of accomplishment.

It has been a good start and it will be a great beginning as I move on.

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