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We have just five (4) rules.

  1. Don’t be a jerk, be respectful and kind in our online and offline communities
  2. Our hub is a safe and sacred space for people curious about tech, let’s keep it that way, no discrimination allowed, all beginners are welcomed
  3. Be open and willing to share your knowledge with the community, everybody knows something
  4. Be ready to teach another all the things you have learnt at the Hub

Benefits of being a member includes but not limited to:

  1. Receiving a cool membership card which gives you free access to any event, workshop and or programme being run in or out of the hub.
  2. Becoming an integral part of the success story of building the Ijebu Tech ecosystem.
  3. Using our space for your meetings and workshops at up to 80% discount.
  4. Invite to our exclusive Slack workspace and getting first dibs on events, scholarships, job and professional development opportunities available in the tech ecosystem.
  5. Having access to our pool of talents and beneficiaries of the free workshops at our hub.
  6. Invite to exclusive events organised by our partners and sponsors.
  7. Invite to share your knowledge with beneficiaries of our programmes and workshops, accommodation and feeding will be provided.

Please note:

  • Uwani Hub Community Membership costs NGN500 ($1.3) monthly
  • Co-work desk space costs NGN10,500 monthly. We are open Monday – Fridays from 09.30 am – 6.00 pm. See google maps for updates on opening hours.
  • We sometimes open on Sundays between 2:00 – 6:00pm depending on availability.

Please Note: Internet connectivity may not be provided at this time but we are working on making that a part of the offering.

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