To achieve Gender Equality by promoting and supporting the use of Information, Communication & Technologies (ICT) to empower women and girls. So far, we have reached 2100 girls with our digital skills outreach programmes.

We are providing a safe, equipped and conducive hub for females to meet and partake in Free Digital Skills Workshops. Males on their best behaviour are welcomed to join us. 

We offer support and guidance for a range of courses that can be taken online as well.

Our Classes & Workshops

Basic Digital Skills

Total Duration: 8 Hours

After this class you will be able to turn on and off a computer, connect to a WiFi device, create an email address, use search engines to find information, register for an account on a website, know what a website is and how HTTPs works!

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Total Duration: 40 Hours

Using the offline version of the dream builder course, you will learn the complete basic components of business planning and by the time you are done, you will have a fully functional business plan for your business. To take this course online, go ahead & register.

    Learn WordPress .com & .org

    Total Duration: 12 Hours

    By the end of the WordPress 101 course, you’ll know how to use WordPress to build and manage your own blog or website. You’ll be comfortable adding images, video, PDF files, and using the Customizer to personalize the design of your site.

    Our Programmes 

    For Individuals

    Girls, Women & Males on their best behavior. Learning is personalised and tailored towards individual’s needs and interests.

    For Kids & Teenagers (from age 11 – 18) 

    Learning is still personalised and can either take place in small groups and or alone with an instructor. Parent(s) / Guardian(s) for under 18 to sign a consent form.

    Group Masterclasses / Bootcamps 

    Learning takes place in groups and occur on a particular subject, e.g, a smartphone photography class or a WordPress training, or a summer camp during August).

    Our Training Format


    General 2

    Training duration takes a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) hours. Ideal for masterclasses.


    General 8

    Training duration takes eight (8) hours to complete. Time and day is decided on by member.


    Intensive 20

    Training duration is spread over a number of days and takes twenty (20) hours to complete. Time and day(s) are scheduled by us and member.


    Intensive 40

    Training duration is spread over a number of days and takes forty (40) hours to complete. Ideal for bootcamps,

    What Our Students Say!

    I want to be a soldier and I did not think I needed to know how the internet works, but now I do and I know why. It is a great tool for communication today and I am amazed at how much useful information I can retrieve.

    Saydat O.

    High School Student

    I thought it was a joke when my mom signed me up for just two days of classes, I never thought I would learn so much, much less learning about animation which is my field of interest.

    Opeyemi O.

    High School Student

    What are you waiting for?

    We have just two (2) important rules.

    1. Don’t be a jerk, be respectful and kind in our online and offline communities
    2. Our hub is a safe and sacred space for females curious about tech, let’s keep it that way, no discrimination allowed.
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    Uwani Hub

    Located inside GeoBajas Hotel, Ijebu-Imusin, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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