Our Vision 2030 WordPress Project

Campers at Year 2021 Uwani Hub Summer Camp
Campers at Year 2021 Uwani Hub Summer Camp

If you have been following our story, you would know how much we love WordPress and how much we consider WordPress, the open source software for publishing on the web, to be a tool that can be leveraged by every individual for their personal and professional empowerment.

In light of this, we are focusing on new goals. One of which is to promote WordPress for Females & Teenagers in under-served communities.

You can support us here: https://opencollective.com/uwanihub

Project Overview

To put in place a more permanent presence and much-needed structure to help us achieve our vision 2030 Digital Skills empowerment program for teenagers and females in our underserved community.

Check out our New Hub Building Story & Support Us.


We aim to:

  1. Train 5000 teenagers and females in the use of WordPress software & digital skills by the year 2030.
  2. Build a community of 500 active contributors to the WordPress software particularly among our teenagers within our hub community by the year 2030.
  3. Train linguists in our community on translating WordPress to our major local language(s), build a community of Polyglots, ready to teach others what they have learned.

Budget Overview. To achieve our goals, we need:

  1. Our Permanent Space – $9210 – Work is in progress
  2. 30 units of All-in-One-Personal Computers – $15000
  3. A 6kva inverter setup – $3157
  4. 2 paid trainer/facilitators for the year 2022 – salary to be decided before year-end 2021

Total to be raised: $27,367

Total raised so far: $3923.39

Our first budget overview item is crucial for the success of the subsequent ones, hence it is our focus at the moment. Click here to support us in achieving our first goal: https://opencollective.com/uwanihub/events/building-of-our-new-village-hub-0baabb17 


  1. An equipped permanent space – by October 2021

We are detailing activities and monies raised here: https://opencollective.com/uwanihub/events/building-of-our-new-village-hub-0baabb17.

  1. Run our third coding camp coming up in August in our new space – this is ongoing in our hub space as we were not able to finish building by Aug 7th
  1. Content creation: Making, collecting & creating video content in English & local languages to be used for online & offline participants of our program – by October 2021. We will be detailing our plans here: https://uwani.org/2021/04/creating-local-content/ 
  1. Begin physical & virtual enrollment into our structured programs from January 1st 2022 – 2030

Participants will be able to sign up for our workshops online and offline. Click here to see current offerings.

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